Get More Done In Less Time EBook

I hope you enjoy the ebook and find it valuable.

Getting Started With The Book

A common challenge with a book like this is finding the time to read it. Let’s face it, if you had lots of free time, you probably wouldn’t be reading this book.

One principle that you’ll learn later in this book is that if you want to have time to do something important, hoping that you’ll “find” the time during your busy week is NOT going to work.

If you want to have time, then you must MAKE it.

What that means is that if you want to read this book and use it to become more productive and make positive changes in your life, you’re going to have to make time to do that.

A great technique is to simply make appointments with yourself to read the book and put what you learn into practice. It sounds very simple (and it is), but it’s also very powerful and greatly increases the chances that you’ll actually do it.

So go ahead and make a few appointments with yourself to continue reading this book. They could be 15 minutes long, 30 minutes or even an hour – it’s totally up to you. If an hour seems like too long for reading, then try 30 minutes.

If possible, try to make one appointment for today or tomorrow, and a few more later in the week so you can keep your momentum going. Go ahead and put a few of them in your schedule/calendar right now.

Treat these appointment as meetings with a very important person – YOU!

Truly make an effort and give them the priority they deserve.


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