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Achieve Planner (AP for short) is a powerful, practical and easy-to-use time management and goal setting productivity system that helps you be more productive, get more done in less time, and feel more focused while you work.

This blog serves in part as a dynamic and interactive user manual/training center for the Achieve Planner software. It describes functionality that is available through the Achieve Productivity Suite edition of Achieve Planner. Other editions may not contain all the features described here. Use the feature comparison chart to see what’s available in each edition.

Getting Started
If you are just getting started with the software, the Getting Started page contains links to articles to help you get the most from Achieve Planner as quickly as possible.

Achieve Planner Tour

The tour gives you an executive summary of the main functionality in Achieve Planner and the time management principles behind it. If you are new to Achieve Planner, this is a good place to start to get a “big picture” summary of Achieve Planner.

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Achieve Planner Video Tutorials

These videos are based on the “Get More Done” ebook and associated tutorials and will make more sense with the background information in that ebook. The videos can take a lot of screen space, you might want to enable full-screen display in Internet Explorer or Firefox by pressing the F11 Key. You can turn it off by pressing F11 again.

NOTE: Since Achieve Planner is updated regularly, the tutorials may look slightly different from the version of the software you are using. The main ideas and functionality should still be the same.

» Define Projects – How to define your 3 focus projects using Achieve Planner

» Define Tasks – How to define tasks for your focus projects

» Prioritize Projects – How to prioritize your projects in the Projects tab

» Prioritize Tasks – How to prioritize your tasks

» Time Charts – How to use Time Charts to plan your ideal week

» Weekly Planning – How to use the weekly planning wizard to plan your week

» Project Blocks – Other ways to create project blocks in the weekly schedule

» Working on Tasks – How to work on the tasks of a specific project

» Completing Tasks – How to complete tasks in Achieve Planner

» Next Action Reminders – How to ‘bookmark’ tasks using next action reminders

» Filters – How to use filters in Achieve Planner to filter the grids

» Converting Projects/Tasks – How to convert between projects and tasks

» Quick Task Entry – How to use the quick task entry to capture tasks while you are working on something else

» New Task Organizer – How to use the new task organizer wizard to process newly captured tasks

» Filtering projects – How to filter projects in the Projects tab

NOTE: The tutorials are based on Achieve Planner 1.8.9 release or later. If you have an earlier version, you need to install the latest version to see and use the new features.

Advanced Tutorials

Coming soon