Getting Started

This page and associated articles give you a high level overview of the main functionality in Achieve Planner to help you get started quickly.

Storing Detailed Information in Achieve Planner

When using Achieve Planner, you may sometimes feel like there is too much information to record about your projects and tasks. For example, the Project Information form allows you to record the purpose, objectives, vision, risks, issues, and other specific details of your project.

While it can be very useful to think about and capture these details when planning a large or complex project, it could be overkill for many smaller projects, where just clarifying the purpose is usually more than sufficient.

Just because you CAN record something in AP, doesn’t necessarily mean that you NEED to. So keep that in mind as you use the software.

The key is whether adding the details is valuable or not. You think as the tabs in the information forms as reminders so you can at least think about these things and consider whether capturing the details would be useful. If it is not useful, don’t record it.

In the various grid views, you can easily customize which columns each view displays so you only see the information that you need and actually use.

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