GMD Tutorial – How To Capture New Projects And Tasks

Achieve Planner provides a convenient way to help you capture new tasks and ideas that pop into your head while you are working on something else.

The Quick Task Entry feature provides a simple entry box where you can capture new projects, tasks and ideas for later processing.

The Quick Task Entry form is available by right-clicking on the Achieve Planner icon in the system tray area and selecting the command from the menu.

Notification menu

You can also use the Quick Task Entry HotKey defined in the general tab of the Options dialog (Tools  ->Options menu item.) This HotKey is available even while working on other applications. The default HotKey is Alt+Win+T key combination.

The following Quick Task Entry dialog appears when you use the HotKey or notify icon context menu.

Quick Task Entry dialog

This tutorial video walks you through the quick task entry process.

Quick Task Entry video cover

Click Here to View the Tutorial

How To Enter Multiple Tasks At Once

If you check the Enter multiple tasks… checkbox, then you can enter multiple tasks (one per line) and use indentation (spaces) to create subtasks at any level.

For example, if you enter the following tasks (replace (Space) with an actual space character):

Task # 1

(Space)(Space)Task # 2

(Space)(Space)Task # 3

Task #2 and Task # 3 will be children of Task # 1.

By default, Achieve Planner inserts the new tasks into a project called “<New Tasks>” (which by default is under the <Inbox> project.) You can also directly specify the parent for the new tasks using the Project button.

The default mode is to enter the task details into the box and then process them later, but if you already know the project where the new task belongs, you can specify it here as well.

This entry box doesn’t distinguish between projects and tasks, but you can make that distinction later during the processing step.

Check the Activate Achieve Planner… box if you want to activate the main Achieve Planner window when you add the tasks. Leave it unchecked if you want to return to the application you were working on after you add the tasks.

How To Add Notes To Tasks When Using Quick Task Entry

You can add notes to the new tasks by using ## to separate the task name from the note text.

For example,

Task 1.1##These are the notes that will be associated with the task.

Note: The Quick Task Entry HotKey can only be associated with a single Achieve Planner main window. If you have multiple files open simultaneously, the HotKey will only work for one of them. If you find that the HotKey is not working once you close all other Achieve Planner windows, invoke the Quick Task Entry from the system tray icon context menu to “rehook” the hot key.


  1. Bill C. says


    I have had Achieve Planner on my PC for umm … well, a long time! I keep starting and stopping and starting again and then recently I came across a video course that changed the way I started thinking about using your software. You see, my fiirst big obstacle was getting it all down on paper or whereever to begin to process it. I tried creating a project and adding tasks; didn’t work for me. The video I mentioned had me perform an exercise called mind clearing. We were given an extensive list of mental triggers and asked to write down all of the tasks and such that we could think of. WOW! What a list. After that I started thinking about how I could get this information into Achieve Planner and started messing around with it again. I cam across the Quick Task Entry feature and my hope was answered. So cool! Then I came across this post. You are spot on target. Thanks for this great tool.

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